Good holidays in Norway

Good holidays in Norway

For many years now, the Kingdom has been considered an insider tip for travelers seeking peace and relaxation during their holidays. As life in Norway concentrates on the large cities, many areas of the country are untouched and offer beautiful seascapes, mountains and forests in addition to the famous fjords. Many hotels outside Oslo, Bergen or Trondheim offer their guests a relaxing wellness holiday.

Children are always welcome in Norwegian hotels

Norway is known far beyond the borders for its child-friendliness. Also in the Spahotels of the country the young guests are always welcome. While parents a herbal sauna with additives from the pharmacy enjoy nature, the children can use the services of the hotel for leisure. In the winter and in the summer many sporting activities such as cross-country skiing, sledding and ball games are offered. In addition to the spacious spa areas with swimming pools, saunas, whirlpools and solariums, aromatherapia, classic massages, pressure point massages (Qi massages) are often offered. Many of the Spahotels are designed for non-smokers, which also serves the health of children. Since the hotels are usually located in forests or in the mountains of Norway, you can make extensive hikes or long walks in addition to the wellness facilities.

Wellness near the sea

Due to the location of Norway on the Atlantic coast, some hotels offer wellness holidays near the sea. In addition to relaxing treatments, the healthy sea air or the silence of the fjords can be enjoyed. Guests are pampered with many culinary specialties, which are mostly made from exquisite fish dishes. It goes without saying that the Norwegian national dish – “Får i kål” – lamb in white cabbage with potatoes is an integral part of every food menu. The wellness hotels can be booked all year. For the spa holiday by the sea is recommended because of the weather a travel period from April to the end of September. The Norwegian royal family has discovered this form of holiday for themselves and is using the opportunity to relax during the summer months.

Discover South America

Discover South America

The southernmost part of the American double continent, with its diverse mix of countries, offers the right destination for every holidaymaker. There are some of the many sights in the different countries, which are an absolute must for a sightseeing tour. In many places, the unique atmosphere invites you to linger during the individual journey.

South America Round trips bring the feeling of life closer

When staying in South America, travelers should be aware that they can also feel the vitality of the country’s inhabitants. The Mexican pyramids give visitors an insight into the time of the Inca. However, it is also possible for guests to adapt to the rhythm of their lives in the respective country. This can be done by eating as much as the local people, and especially at the same times. Travelers can also feel the way of life by taking a break at some of the best known places in the country. For example, you can observe life in Buenos Aires or in Asuncion.

Places of interest on an individual journey

One of the highlights to be experienced in South America is the salt deserts in Bolivia. For an incomparable flair is Brazil, too, that even during the carnival travelers no longer let go. For example, the city of Florianopolis is worth visiting. Chile, with its diverse landscape, should also be a must. The highlight here is the region in southern Chile, which for some travelers already has almost the flair of New Zealand. On the trip, a stay in Paraguay should also be planned, as travelers can dive into the sleepy country life. Among other things, and to continue the Jesuit ruins of Misiones in the implementation of South America tours not missing. The interests of discovering South America with its many facets can be very different. And yet each country offers something unique, which is worth exploring for travelers. The more individual the journey can take place, the more beautiful are the memories. It is particularly worthwhile to be able to feel part of the life of the locals.

Travelling to Spain: Pablo Picasso was born in Malaga Spain

Travelling to Spain: Pablo Picasso was born in Malaga Spain

“Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life”, a quote from the man himself!

Art and music often have the audacity to mirror hearts, joy and sadness, the reason why I have an entire section to discuss the world that is in different places-parts of our world. Picasso is the name of one of the most renowned artist of the 19th century that is not too long ago.

Malaga is large city. It is proud, the birth place of Pablo Picasso, through ART. Malaga has many museums and beaches. It is perfect for art lovers. You are to find a treasure of original paintings of Picasso. Picasso from what I get to learn of was someone full of humility and love of art. Short but complete a description.

The city of Malaga is popular for beaches, shopping and Museums most of all showcasing their pride, Picasso paintings, though Picasso in quotes has meant that display of art was not something he believed in, was not something he was for, but not its just his art that people can treasure.

Travelling to Melbourne in Australia

Travelling to Melbourne in Australia

Melbourne is a thickly populated city of Australia. It is a renounced place for performance based forms of art throughout the world. Another large city of Australia with world famous natural beauty, clear beaches etc. The city is booming in terms of economy, arts, technology and science.

Australia’s mining and financial boom greatly impacted the development and popularity of Melbourne. Melbourne has been consistent in maintaining a good rate of economic growth as well as employment rates.

In the south eastern part of Australia lies the city of Melbourne. The main beaches of the city of Melbourne are mostly in the suburban areas. Hence he accommodations in these areas may not always be budget friendly, but none the less lavish.

The unusual thing about Melbourne that is that it has highly changeable climates. At one side is a hot island of the city and the other side the cold ocean. This makes the city temperatures go low and high. It is generally moderate but with changeable climate.

When the population of a city keeps growing or increasing due to tourism and all other kinds of business as well as employment related opportunities, the need for housing capacities increases. Hence the prices increase.

The culture of Melbourne is international. People from different parts of the world are welcomed. These opportunities are always encouraged. Many cultural programs like the performing arts, music, film festivals etc are encouraged. There are many festivals celebrated by the city.

Stylish and Elegant, Melbourne city has great shopping sites and a flourishing culture scene. The beautifully  tended gardens andparks present a therapeutic respite from the pase of city life. Must go ahead and take a drive down the great Ocean Road andvisit victorias fine vine yards.

The Melbourne cricket ground is the perfect place for the lovers of the game of cricket in case there is a match coming up.

Some of the Free shows that can be seen would be the Signal 37 show case, Australian institute of Music open day etc.

Diwali in India: Let your light shine

Diwali in India: Let your light shine

This 3rd of November,  crackers burst every place in India.  Lamps, lights, lanterns and all things light were out. The days and nights never look this bright or even feel this hopeful like on Diwali and the days preceding and exceeding it. It signifies illumination. This is how India celebrates the salvation of Lord Mahavir also the home coming of Lord Rama and other significance in different parts of the country. These are happy times and people around are groomed in traditional clothes, making and eating festive sweets.

Diwali Karma- a Prakrit word meaning- all the good and bad that sticks to our soul, and keeps adding and subtracting according to our deeds in lives. It is a word Indian in origin. Fascinating, just like us and our lives.

Times in life when we are unhappy for something did not go the way it was anticipated to. The day of Diwali asks for our enlightenment, in understand and exhibiting tolerance towards our Karma.

I have always believed that some thought and behavior patterns in people are the same no matter which part of the world a person belongs from basically.

Diwali asks for us to learn that every living being ever has only wanted to be happy. In our quest for our own happiness we often cause miseries to others. So it is time we reminded ourselves to move towards a greater cause., it is time we moved towards peace for us and all others.

But do not expect peace from sound pollution at this time in India! It would not be possible. The celebrations extend and so does all the sharing of sweets and caring. Families are religiously involved in pujas and rituals yet again an attempt to have all wishes fulfilled.

Buy A Search Engine Optimized Domain For Your Travelling Blog

Buy A Search Engine Optimized Domain For Your Travelling Blog

My Travelling Blog is a Travel Blog. Travelling can feel like yoga sometimes. It calms us down to listening to the sounds in the environment, getting a feel of what life is like in newer places. Travel Blogs and Travelogues are a great way to be able to share travel and related experiences and events.

Blogs are weblogs that garner the attention of reader, search engines and advertisements all for their copy righted content. The content is the product here. All the amazing travel stories, individual experiences. All the events, affairs and memories as well as facts etc are all noted in these blogs.

This kind of content may be of interest to millions of reader across the world,wide-web’. But unless we can have our content accessible to the world, those select reader, chances are they will not be able to find the amazing content published on our blogs every other day. But this is the case only until before we optimize our blogs for search engines.

It you intend to make money as well with your blog rather than just fulfilling your creative itch then go ahead and get writing. Host a domain with a reputed hosting company(preferable one of the best) and make sure the website is hosted in your country or locale if you intend to write local specific. Like in real world similarly in the virtual world reputation is important, at least to Google and Bing. Explains why we must LINK with the best.

Optimization for keyword and searches start with the DOMAIN NAME itself

Basically at one end are searches looks for fabulous, relevant and current content and the other side are bloggers like us who are providing it. So people are searching for whatever they are by typing KEYWORDS in a search engine like say-Google. We need to come up in the most used search engine’s page results to be discovered by our readers-searchers.

This process of optimization has started with you buying a keyword based domain, for example: or dot ca, au etc for a travel blog depending on your target audience.

It your content would be interesting and useful to the entire world then go for a dot com domain. But if it is most relevant to your country or state then be most specific as it becomes clear to search engines as well that they need to rank you best locally.

This is the beginning of optimization. What starts well may sure go a long way. Keep reading here to discover the next steps to optimization.

Trekking to Harishchandragad, adventure of a life time of a colleague of mine

Trekking to Harishchandragad, adventure of a life time of a colleague of mine

When defense technologies were different from today then kings built forts on high hill tops.! One such beautiful hill top fort is the Harishchandra Gad fort of Malshej Ghat in Ahmednagar India. It is believed to be as old as of the 6th century AD. About 1400 years old only! Archeological evidence backs the age too. There are also microlith stones to be found here.

There is an ancient temple here, an amazing hill peak view much obvious, there are caves here too. One of the caves here has a Shivlinga (the statue of the hindu God ‘Shivji’) which is completely surrounded with water in the cave. This is a rare view, a treat to any intellectual-spiritual personality.  The image is taken from Wikipedia though.

Nothing like visiting the place or seeing it from the eyes of someone who’s been there and done that. I am yet to visit the place but Abhijeet, a colleague-friend of mine has been there and absolutely enjoyed the experience as well. In fact he has a website totally dedicated to integrating information about any and every thing that can possibly come to your mind when it comes to visiting Harishchandra Gad.

The kind of yummy food you can find there when you get hungry to suitable trekking timings to his entire personal trekking experience. There is an adventurous side to all of us. If you are up to exploring that side of your then this Gad is ideal. It has something for all travelers.

Abhijeet likes to trek. He is a webmaster and has his skills epic content. At his website he writes his personal experience at the trek, with the minutest details on routes, food, site seeing friends and fun. Making use of all the adjectives that you could be looking for while he describes his memory and other various details.